TTD Photography Workshop

This Wednesday past, I ran my first photography workshop. The idea originally struck me when I had so much fun at my own Trash-The-Dress session, and I wanted to do it again! Hell, I’d do it every month for the next year if I could! Instead, I put out some feelers and before I knew it I had photographers and brides clamouring to take part!

With Jeanette Verster’s help I had no less than seven photographers on the day! Jeanette was one of them as was Jaco Janse, Melanie Wessels, Edwin Isted, Colleen Sevitz, Kat Forsyth and photographer-in-training Christie Collier-Mann. I didn’t take nearly as many photographs as I would have like to… but I had a lot of fun, and I will not part with my camera next time.

Next I got hold of my friend Meryl to make arrangements for us to use the stable where she has four horses stabled- Glen Austin Stables. She was very excited about the idea and after speaking to the owner of the stable it was a go! We used two of Meryl’s horses, Feiko- a black Saddlebred Friesian cross who was an absolute camera slut, Fury- who is not yet four years old, and Teddy- a ginormous white Percheron cross! You can read Meryl’s take on the day here.

I contacted Vanessa from Kelro, who did the decor at my wedding, to ask if Kelro wanted to decorate a table for the shoot. She brought all her own furniture and linen and such, and set up a table in one of the paddocks!!

Then I had to find brides who could ride. I didn’t want to risk a horse bolting and taking off with one of the girls on its back without them knowing what to do, and while I was initially worried I wouldn’t have enough brides on the day I eventually had too many who wanted to take part! I made arrangements with the three “brides” who had contacted myself or the photographers first, and Alida, Annie and Charmain were absolute superstars!! They worked their tails off getting on and off the horses, walking and sometimes running up and down the dressage arena and climbing fences and such. It was fabulous, and- as I’m sure you’ll agree- the results are spectacular.

I ended up doing the girls’ make up myself as the artist I had made arrangements with couldn’t make it at the last minute. The Cupcake Lady* also sent cupcakes :)!! They weren’t used as part of the shoot but were thoroughly enjoyed afterwards and the photographers made them look quite divine!!

click to enlarge

It was a great learning curve for me, and I am greatly looking forward to organising another workshop!

*thats me too BTW, for those who don’t know 😛

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14 Responses
  1. Alida says:

    Had such a great time – THANK YOU. The pics are gorgeous – can’t wait to see the photographers’ posts now.

  2. Jeanette says:

    It was fabulous Angel!! Thanks so much for organising, I had a ball :)

  3. Gena D says:

    Nicely arranged … love the table decor! It looks like it was alot of fun. Please count me in on the next one!!!

    Gena D

  4. Thanks so much for organising Angel!

  5. jacojanse says:

    It really was a great day, thank you Angel! Hope to do it again soon!

  6. Edwin says:

    Thanks for organising the session, it was great fun!

  7. Kat Forsyth says:

    So much fun! Thanks for organising this, Angel!