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This week’s interview is with wedding photographer Du Wayne Denton of Du Wayne Photography.


I hope you enjoy this little glimpse at his talents and be sure to visit his blog to see more of his shoots. You can also find him on Facebook and on Twitter.

How do you describe your photographic style? Ooh, it’s hard to put it down to a few words but if I had to choose a few: peaceful, natural moments, storytelling, artistic, space, beauty.

How did you get into photography? Do we have time? To make a long story short. My dad always took pictures and I was interested in the camera the old film cameras. From a young age, I was very creative and my parents allowed me to do extra art classes to improve my talent. At school I studied Painting, Drawing and Graphic Art learning the essentials about composition and proportion. After school I studied at Cape Technikon (Cape Peninsula University of technology) Graphic Design where photography was one of my subjects for 3 years of my studies. I was good at my photography and even got a distinction in it. But I did not know whether it was a great idea to make it my courier and live off it. Eventually after all the graphic design opportunities doors closed for me, the door for photographic opportunities became bigger and bigger by the day. It was not something that I thought that I would get into, but now that I am a full time photographer I cannot see myself doing anything else. I did not choose photography, photography chose me. Feels a bit like spider-man. He did not choose that the spider bit him and gave him all these super-powers, but in the end he accepted his calling and became spider-man. Photography has taken me all over South Africa to places where I’ve never been, introduced to new cultures and wonder people.

How long have you been photographing weddings? Since 2005 the, last 6 years.

Where are you based? I am based in Cape Town, but work all over South Africa. I have not photographed an overseas wedding yet, but hope to photograph one day soon.

What has been the highlight of your career as a wedding photographer? First of all, I would have to say winning a bronze award at Sony Profoto 2010. There were a lot of entries, but it feels great when the photographic community gives you an award. You know that you are doing something right. And one of my images was selected to be part of a collection 2010’s “Best of the Best” by Junebug.

Which are your favourite wedding photographs?





How do you market yourself? My best way of marketing myself is throught the internet (my website and blog) and word of mouth.

What type of camera do you use? I started out with Canon and sticked with it for the last few years.

What would you love to add to your equipment? 70-200 f4 L lens, 50mm 1.2  L lens and a few pocket wizards!  I know that my wish list might change again in the future, but these are the gear that I would love to get.

How important is a tool like Photoshop in your work, and do you retouch at all? I do retouch and feel that photoshop is important, but it is not the essential thing in my photography.

What advice do you have for photographers who are just starting out? Don’t stop believing in yourself and your photography. Learn from your mistakes and don’t be too hard on yourself.

What advice do you give to nervous or camera shy brides and couples? Just enjoy your day. A camera is like a CSI-agent. You can tell from a single photo what the mood was on the day (if you where happy or did not enjoy the day). So go for it! Even if your flowers are not the color that you wanted… It is your day!

Where would you love to go for a wedding shoot? There is so many places and I totally love traveling, but if I can narrow down two locations, they would be Sicily and Vietnam. Two extremes. Sicily, because of old buildings and the celebration of the wedding day. Vietnam, because of the temples and remote locations.

Is there anything you’re learning to do? Jip, each year I try and analyze my strong and weak areas. I then see what I have learned what I can pay attention to and where I can learn more to sharpen my skills. This year is the year for flash for me. Since my strong point is natural light, I have not played around with off camera flash and speedlight techniques.

What will you be up to in 2011? Living each day as it comes. But I would love to try to focus on other fields of photography a bit just to sharpen my skills as a wedding photographer. I would also like to photograph my first international wedding.

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  1. Du Wayne is an extremely talented photographer!

  2. Sharon says:

    Love your work Du Wayne!