Good To Know

The majority of venues you visit will provide you with a list of preferred suppliers and service providers.

These suppliers and service providers however, are not necessarily the best in the business. They may also not have been vetted by your venue as reliable or efficient.

In many cases, the people on a venue’s “preferred supplier” list have paid to be there, so do not assume that a “preferred supplier” list contains your best options.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Beware of pricing too. If a photographer, or any other supplier for that matter, is “paying” the venue to be on their preferred suppliers list, chances are their prices will be inflated to absorb that cost. As a photographer I can say that venues have contacted us and offered us the opportunity to be a preferred supplier. Then we get told that in order to be on the list we need to pay a percentage of our fee we are charging the bride to the venue. Never mind the fact that the venue is already charging the bride a fortune for venue hire and probably a whole lot of added extras too.