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#GingerGooseWedding at River Place

After more than a year in planning, with both of them living in Cape Town for most of that year, Heidi and Shaun’s wedding was simply wonderful, and with a bride as beautiful and as happy as Heidi, it couldn’t possibly have been any other way.

In case you’re wondering, their wedding is hashtagged in social media as #GingerGooseWedding because Shaun is a ginger, and Heidi’s maiden name means she’s been called “Snowgoose” for at least as long as I’ve known her. They even had a special ginger and gooseberry jam made up as their wedding favour!


Planning this wedding with Heidi was extra special for me as Heidi and I have been friends for a few years, and my husband and I were guests at the wedding so I got to the bridal shower as well. Seeing Heidi in her gown for the first time gave me goosebumps! She looked incredible!

Heidi and Shaun both wanted a relaxed, easy going vibe for their guests, and they decided on a picnic with an exquisite choral and seafoam colour scheme lending itself beautifully to the spring weather!
During her planning, Heidi had several Pinterest boards that she used to document her inspiration for her wedding, and when we spoke to potential suppliers for decor, make up, hair styling and clothing, she included links to her Pinterest boards so that everyone could see what she had in mind. It was really helpful and I think there may be a few new Pinterest users as a result. 

Heidi and Shaun carried a Scrabble theme throughout their wedding, from their engagement announcement and their save-the-date, to their wedding favours, and even the wedding cupcakes! And they very cleverly saved themselves a lot of money by using electronic invitations, only making up traditional invitations for special family members.
Heidi also sourced several items herself while on a business trip in the UK, like the suits worn by the groom and his entourage, the tutu worn by her little niece and her divine seafoam green, Chantilly lace covered, high heel shoes!

The search for the right venue was over quite quickly. It couldn’t be too too far away, it had to be pretty, have good food, be able to do a picnic wedding and of course- fit their budget. Heidi loved River Place the first time she saw it, and as soon as Shaun was in Gauteng again they went to see it together and that was it. They didn’t look at another venue!

There was only one person Heidi wanted to see about making her and her bridesmaids’ dresses and as always, Marieks’ work was beyond reproach! There is never a stitch out of place and I am sure you will agree that the bride and her entourage look incredible! 

Then we started talking to decor suppliers, hairstylists and make up artists. Scheduling appointments for Heidi for her dress fittings, meetings, make up and hair trials, decor mock ups and so on was tricky as she was only in Gauteng once a month for a week – and she had  lot of work to do in that week as well so it wasn’t easy for her to get time off. But we did it!


The ceremony took place outside, with a backdrop of origami geese framing the couple as they said their vows. From there the guests went to a huge lawn next to the Hennops River, set with picnic blankets, scatter cushions, bean bag chairs, picnic baskets, vintage decor, and cocktails in mason jars!

Heidi changed out of her gorgeous lace high heels into a pair of seafoam green Converse sneakers so that she could be comfortable on the picnic lawn and then the newlyweds were seated on a couch – which was how they met – and all the family and group portraits took place on and around the couch.


As usual, when I am running around on the wedding day, I didn’t get around to taking many pictures at all, but you must click through to photographer Jeanette Verster’s blog and Facebook page to see how she captured the day. 

Second Shooter: Nicole du Toit
Venue: River Place
Cake and cupcakes: The Cupcake Lady
Bride’s gown and bridesmaids dresses: Marietjie Oelofse Couture
Decor and flowers: Authentic Events
Bride’s hair: Lasting Reflections
Bride and bridesmaids make up: Godiva
Ginger and Gooseberry jam wedding favours: The Good Food Company

A Worthy Tradition Perhaps…?

In various parts of the USA, the bride and groom write special love letters to each other, and these letters are delivered by the maid of honour and best man- or other trustworthy person- whilst the couple are preparing for their big day!

I think its a glorious idea.

There’s so much happening on a couple’s wedding day that often the romance disappears until they wake up the next day! Imagine sitting having your hair done and you get a love letter from your fiance! Its a special little reminder of why you have spent months planning and emailing and organising and driving yourself and others crazy!

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Tell Me About It!!

I want to know about your wedding!

Tell me what you did to make your wedding special and unique and all yours.

Did you do everything yourself with your own two hands or did you have everything done for you? Did you have your dress made just for you or did you hire one you fell in love with? What was your colour scheme? Did you have a theme? Was your fiance involved in the planning at all? Were you a “bridezilla”?

Tell me everything!

Leave a comment on this post if you would like to be featured ad I will email you!

AnGlug Wedding – The Men

We didn’t have anything specially made for the men in the bridal party, we decided it would be easier to go out and find ready-made suits in black.

My husband’s suit had to be tailored slightly, and he and his best man Andrew wore black shirts, with these gorgeous purple and red paisley ties that they found in the suit shop!! I was stunned that they found ties to fit the wedding colour scheme and theme as we’d searched for paisley ties for months!!

We found my son’s suit and shoes at a retail store earlier in the year when we had another formal function to attend, so he wore his black suit- which he likes- with a new black shirt and a new plain red tie. He also had a haircut and he looked very dashing.

My daddy darling also wore a black suit with a grey shirt and a purple tie, so he matched my mommy darling very nicely!

They all looked so handsome!!